Dota 2: Worst items right now 7.29

Dota 2: Worst items right now 7.29


Bracer was one of the early game for both carries and support picked for survivability, After magic resist have been removed and replaced with +1 HP regen and +2 Damage.

Who needs damage attributes on survivability item and only 1 HP regen.


You can't say it's bad item with 56% win rate but its alternatives are much better like:

  • Diffusal blade is cheaper, has slow, shared with illusions and passive damage.
  • SaY is best item for carries right with its insane stats that make carry swift and unkillable in same time

Shadow Blade:

This item is so bad in escape that can countered by dust or sentry, and initiation blink smoke deceit are much better. with Sentry Ward and Dust of Appearance buffs made that item even worse :

  • For Sentry Ward cost reduced from 75 to 50 gold.
  • For Dust of Appearance cost reduced from 90 to 80 gold.

And after Hoodwink hero and Scepter shard introduced we have seen many abilities that provides break status. that make Silver edge less choice that's an upgrade for shadow blade.

Ceremonial Robe (Tier 3):

It gives huge mana pool but It's aura debuff apply on enemies, first I thought it's bug and should be same as SF armor reduction aura. but Actually it's the penalty of the item as support isn't something he likes.

and there's many items in Tier 2 are better choice like Essence ring, Philosopher's Stone and Nether Shawl.

Penta-Edged Sword (Tier 4):

this Item isn't too bad but seems that Tier 3 items are far better then this one like Paladin sword, Sliver titan and Elven Tunic. Many pros and high rank pubs prefer those items then Penta-Edged sword